Tips For Making A Memorable Wedding


When you consider planning a wedding, you often think about the food, organising the wedding cake, bride, groom, guests, church, etc., but this happens at most weddings. Why should people spend so much time, effort, and money on a display that has been seen redundantly? As the wedding planner, you should make the wedding more memorable by doing something different. This is your opportunity to prove your skills as a wedding planner and create a memorable wedding.

You should plan a theme for the wedding. A theme makes the event interesting and helps provide cohesiveness to the arrangements. All of your arrangements can be coordinated based on the theme. For example, the invitations and thank you notes should all coordinate with the theme. This also makes the planning easier, since you can have an agenda for the food, decor, and music. Start by thinking of a unique theme and plan the wedding around it. The following are some themes to help you arrange the event:

Try a marine theme. Having a wedding on a boat or other sea vessel is not an uncommon idea, but you can use your wedding planning skills to increase the uniqueness of a marine wedding. Use mini scrolls for the invitations to mimic the type of paper sailors used to write notes on. The bride can be adorned in a mermaid-style dress or costume. The meal should be focused on seafood to add to the marine theme. The master of ceremony and the guests can dress up as pirates to heighten the theme.

An ideal song for this theme is Celine Dion’s, “My Heart Will Go On,” which was the theme for the movie Titanic. Instead of the usual wedding cake, consider one that is shaped like a ship or even a beach-themed wedding cake. For a beach-themed cake, adorning the cake with edible sea creatures and shells will add to the visual appeal.

Another idea is a jungle theme. Use dried, preserved leaves as the invitations. Or, use paper in the shape of leaves to increase visual interest for the guests. Have the wedding at a garden, which can be modified to create the look and feel of a jungle. Include canopies and tents for the guests. Instead of a traditional wedding dinner, cook food over an open fire like hunters. Add thrilling music or the sounds of wildlife to add to the ambiance.

The theme song from “The Lion King” is also a good choice for dancing. The couple can send their thank you notes on paper with a tiger print or add a quill on the note. They can also hang their wedding picture by using a frame decorated in animal prints and always have a visual reminder of the magical event.