Do You Want To Know Why Wales is Great For Family Cycling Holidays

United Kingdom

Are you planning on going to the UK for the holidays? You might be surprised at one of the best ways to spend it. Wales has idyllic scenery that is heavenly. It is a great place to go cycling over the holidays.

Let loose and let go of any worldly concerns while the wind flows through your hair with the natural scents breathing new life into you. Cycling is an excellent way to get rolling faster than you could ever walk while still giving you the freedom to stop whenever you like to take in the scenery.

There is a cycling route for every fitness level, and every type of group. If you have young children who are just starting to ride, then staying fairly close to your quarters is probably necessary. Others prefer not to backtrack, and will take their knapsack with them, staying every night at a different place.

Whether you need more challenging inclines and curves or a flat and placid roadway, you get to decide. The topography is varied sufficiently to allow you to go through rugged mountain scenery or gentle fields and meadows.

The sea is another popular feature whenever visiting Wales. The various coastal paths that hug the shores offer up some of the most breathtaking scenery and panoramic views. You may set your eyes on the Irish Sea or the Bristol Channel. Stop and check out the many beaches as you ride along the coastal areas. Just be sure to bring your camera, or have a phone that takes fabulous pictures.

There are 11 cycling areas that provide all types of activities. They have safety helmets and hired people to make the best active holidays that you may ever take. The 11 different cycling areas are all across Wales from Brecon to Dolgellau in Snowdonia. You might even take a jaunt out to the English border.

There are more than 330 miles riding pleasure without any traffic across Wales. They include everything from heavy and dense tree cover to countryside to the seaside. Tywi Valley, as just one example, provides a stop by the Welsh National Garden along the 20-mile route. Another popular ride is the 12-mile long Medieval Mystery ride. Dolgellau is the most ideal of the family-friendly rides as it is on low terrain to Barmouth or a more dramatic circular cycling path to Cadair Idris and upward.

The history itself of Wales may be even more breathtaking for you than the views themselves. Aberearon or New Quay mark the famed Dylan Thomas Trail. It does include his home at Ceri Bach beach. The Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire route includes castles, including Carew Castle, where people are known to see the ghost of Sir Roland Rhys and the man’s pet ape.

Whether you hit all of these spots or go off in other directions, Wales is plain beautiful, supplying green countryside and an equally peaceful existence. It gives the riders a treat where they can fully focus on the scenery and the ride. The Wales countryside is a bonus to all of that, providing one of the best set of paths cycling has to offer for the holidays. The golden sands and breathtaking cliffs transition into green fields and mountains with rushing rivers and crashing waterfalls and pristine lakes. All of this makes up the scenery of Wales. It is an enchanting and majestic place that captivates the imagination while providing the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you are in search of a cycling trip or a unique way to spend the holidays, consider cycling through Wales. Do head to the UK for the holidays, but honestly, consider heading to Wales for a great biking adventure.

Research the various paths based upon you and your fellow riders’ skill levels. That way you will be able to determine what route to take. Then find out what you want to visit. Is it the seaside and lots of castles, or trees? Whatever you would like to visit. In addition, plan on where you might want to stay too.

There may be special places that you want to visit. Consider planning around the highlights where you want to stop. Decide how you will arrive in Wales, and where you will be staying. Consider different options that might elevate your trip to even higher and better levels. Be sure your cycling involves some of the national parks as well.

Maybe the mysterious lore of Wales will come meet with you at the seaside, at the base of a green mountain, or within the countryside. You never know until you take to your cycling adventure throughout Wales for the holidays.…

The Appeal Of Log Cabin Breaks

log cabinLog cabin breaks in the UK have recently started to become as popular as other types of accommodation, although the concept is not new and has been around for some time. Next time you take a holiday in the UK you may want to consider staying in a log cabin for several reasons.

One of the reasons there are more log cabins dotted around the countryside, is that planning permission rules have been relaxed somewhat. Although many of these cabins are in secluded and rural settings, many also offer easy access to urban areas, including London. Many log cabins are more perfectly situated than a lot of self catering cottages and hotels, and regardless of which log cabin you stay in, you can be assured of a pub, restaurants and shops being within easy reach.

Log cabin breaks in the UK are also ideal if you like to take your cat or dog with you and can’t bring yourself to go on holiday without your pet. Unlike the typical hotel room or cottage, pets are welcome at most log cabins, and in addition to the indoor space, outdoor space means that walking your dog is also easy to do. You will find walking trails and pathways within easy reach of many cabins, thanks to their secluded setting in the countryside.

Some holidaymakers understandably prefer to have the comforts and amenities of a good hotel when they go on holiday, although many log cabins come with everything you need to live for a week or two including a well equipped kitchen. Staying in a log cabin means that you are cleaning up after yourself, and cooking your own meals, and there is not the luxury of room service or daily maid service. To some, the concept of self catering does not strictly come under the heading of holidays!

However, log cabin breaks can be ideal if you are looking for something just a little bit different for your next holiday, or you want somewhere in a secluded location where you can really relax. Log cabins are popular with singles and couples as well as families, and they offer a pet friendly environment, the amenities and comforts of home and of course, a beautiful and secluded country setting.…